Physical address

2452 State Highway 13
Craig, CO 81638

Mailing address

5731 state highway 13
Meeker, CO 81641


Elk Ridge Outfitters is a full-service operation.

If you show up with nothing, we can probably handle it. We have all the towels, bedding, pillows, and blankets at the lodge. Bring what you would normally use and need while hunting.

Before you pack

All your equipment including your gun needs to be properly sighted in within two weeks of your hunt dates, with the same ammunition that you plan to use during the hunt.

Please note:

  • buying additional ammunition is difficult because our hunt area is quite a distance from town
  • you will have access to a gun range however, sighting in a rifle is time-consuming and we encourage you to sight your rifle before you arrive
  • select shooting sticks that you have sighted with before

Recommended hunting equipment and preparation

  1. Archery, properly-sighted muzzleloader or properly-sighted rifle and equipment
  2. Binoculars, the best set you can afford or borrow
  3. Shooting sticks
  4. Scope covers
  5. Extra bullets
  6. Flashlight
  7. Camera

Clothing and personal items

  1. 2 pairs of "broke in" hunting boots
  2. Both light and heavy socks
  3. Long johns or warm under clothing
  4. Quiet pants, wool or new synthetic are both good
  5. Camo coat
  6. Several sweatshirts with hoods
  7. Orange vest and hat (required by the state for firearm hunters)
  8. Warm gloves
  9. Personal items such as soap, shampoo, tooth paste, etc.

Don't forget

  • Backpack to carry items in while in the field, something light and convenient to carry